What do these well numbers mean?

The well numbers used in the hydrographs are categorized by owner name. For a comprehensive list of well numbers, click here.

What is a Well Zone?

In a nested monitoring well, zones represent relative depths, with the convention that Zone 1 is deeper than Zone 2, which is deeper than Zone 3, and so on. This convention is generally true for wells on this website, but is not universal. The numbering of a zone also does not represent a specific depth in feet, so Zone 1 for one well can be deeper than Zone 1 for another well.

Where can I learn more about these wells?

Our map-based Well Search Tool on our WRD GIS Hub is another useful application for finding data related to wells.

How often is the database updated?

Field data is updated on a weekly basis (approximately). Information taken by the dataloggers is updated quarterly.

Can I download the data?

Yes! After selecting your wells, you will be presented with a button to download your results as a comma-separated values (CSV) text file.

The CSV download contains all of the information in the hydrograph. The header definitions are:

WRD ID: The well ID assigned by WRD.

SN_LONG: The state well number.

OWNER NUMBER: The well name assigned by the well owner.

DATE: Date water level measurement collected.

TIME: Time water level measurement collected.

RP: Reference Point measurement taken from (top of casing, land surface, vault lid, etc).

RPE: Reference Point Elevation.

DTW: Depth to water.

GWE: Groundwater Elevation (RPE minus DTW, a.k.a. water surface elevation)

STATIC_PUMP: Water Surface representative of Static (S) water level or a Pumping (P) water level, injection well (I), or Unknown (U)

DATA_SOURCE: Agency responsible for data source.

COLLECTION_METHOD: Means of collection, usually either Transducer or water level meter (wlmeter).

NOTES: Any notes reported by the field person, such as well dry, locked - no access, well damaged, etc.

Who can I contact with questions or concerns about the data?

Please contact us using the contact information found on www.wrd.org.